does anyone use turbo on amd cpu or understands how it works?

i own a FX 6300 cpu and it was advertised as "3.5GHz (4.1GHz Turbo)" but it only goes up to 3816.10 not 4.1. i did do some searching and i found out there is two turbos 3.8 and 4.1 but how do you get to 4.1 with turbo? also what is best bios setting for turbo, auto or enabled? any help is much appreciated
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  1. Turbo boost is applied depending on how many cores are under load. You will only get the maximum turbo when only 1 core is under load.
  2. so ill never see that 4.1 in a game like starcraft 2 will i? is amd turbo even worth having on in games like that or in diablo 3 where theres constant battles and 1-3 second delays between lots of action showing up on the screen?
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    Turbo boost only helps in certain circumstances, but it also never hurts you to have on, the same applies to Intel's turbo boost. Most of the time the CPU will be downclocked to save power or only at its mid level turbo boost, rarely will you see 4.1GHz except in intentionally single threaded benchmarks. The fact that you get 3.8 or 4.1 at all is an increase, a few years ago that CPU only ever would have run at up to 3.5GHz, there was no load determined clock boosting.
  4. if i decided to overclock to 4.1 and turn off turbo, do you think there would be any noticeable difference in fps with a gtx 750 ti?
  5. It really depends on what your limiting factor is. With starcraft it is almost certainly the CPU, so you would probably see ~10% boost in FPS. If you have a good motherboard and a decent cooler you should be able to pull more than 4.1GHz out of that CPU if you want.
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