Can anyone help me get my laptop to power on?

The problem:
I was using my laptop (HP 2000) one day and all of a sudden it literally turns off. It didn't hibernate it just stopped. No power.

My troubleshooting:
1) First thing I thought was that it just died. So I plugged in the A/C adapter the laptop turned on but as soon as it exit the very first screen it shut down and wouldn't turn on unless I unplugged the A/C adapter and plugged it back in. But again once it was on it stopped only this time a bit sooner.

2) Next I thought maybe the A/C adapter wasn't getting enough power to the battery (happened to me before) so I replaced the A/C adapter. (One week later) Now the laptop wont power on at all.

3) So I thought maybe it was the D/C jack that wasn't working anymore so I got a multimeter and did some basic testing in the adapter and the battery plug outlet. Everything was normal there.

4) I then figured the only thing that would cause my laptop to not power on at all was the motherboard.
Bought a replacement online and just put it in last night only to find out it STILL WONT TURN ON.

5) I took it apart and tried turning it on with nothing connected. No Hard Drive, No Optical Drive, No Battery. Only the A/C adapter was connected. It started.

Long story short my laptpop wont start with the HDD connected. I unplug the HDD and the laptop will start. I even tried starting it with another hard drive. It just wont start at all with any hard drive connected.

Anyone know what could be the issue?
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