HDD disappears from my computer now and again and random freezes

So I build my new computer up but keep a old 500gb hard drive from my previous build. I bought an ssd and put my os on there and then 500gb hdd for extra storage. Once set up I start installing drivers etc until I notice my hdd disappeared from my comp. urgently did a reboot and there it was again, it came back. However it kept disappearing the I incurred some freezes. I turned the sleep timer off on power settings and I have also changed round Sara cables to make sure it wasn't them. I also ran windows without the hard drive in, just from ssd and it worked fine, no freezes or anything. Will this be due to a bad hdd or will it be something else that can't handle the hdd being in? Thanks alot
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  1. Check the HDD's SMART status using a tool like HDTach to see if any warnings pop up. You can also download the manufacturer's diagnostic tools and see what they have to say about the drive.

    It could be a benign compatibility issue between the HDD and your new motherboard or it could be an impending drive failure.

    I have two Maxtor HDDs that refuse to work with my Core2Duo and i5 PCs but they both work fine in external USB enclosures.
  2. Here's a couple things to try:

    1) update BIOS for motherboard if newer exists
    2) run MEMTEST (full pass)

    1) Try a different SATA cable
    2) Try a different SATA controller
    3) Run HDD diagnostics

    *I had a similar problem with an HDD which turned to be a loose SATA data connector. The connection was so finicky I had to use an elastic band to bind it to the SATA power cable to force a good connection.

    So I suspect an issue with the cables or bad connection. I like the SATA cables that click when connected.
  3. Its not that.

    It`s likey the 500GB was in a system prior to it.
    And if it had windows on it as a boot drive.
    It would of been formatted with the letter assignment for when working in windows as C:
    But now the SSD is, and should be drive C:

    You cannot have two drives of the same letter assignment when in windows.
    It will do exactly what you are talking about Ste.
    If your talking about the board picking the drive up, but when you look in windows through explorer the is no other drive but the ssd, or it shows the second drive but magically disappears after a few seconds.

    You have to click on start.
    in the search box type: Disk man.
    In the search result select format/ create partitions.
    A window will open.
    Click on action and rescan disks.
    If the drive shows up.
    Right click on it, from the pull down menu select change drive letters and paths.
    click on the change tab.
    Assign the following drive letter selected.
    To the right select another drive letter other than any already being used in the system.
    Eg: G click ok, and restart the system.
    The drive should then show up in explorer and not disappear.
  4. Thanks for all your feedback, I'm sat doing tests now for the 3rd day. I will do a mem test anyway to see it I have any problems. Which mem test should I be downloading of there site.

    Shaun, I have os booting from ssd, the hdd does show but only for a while. Sometimes it can be there for a while and sometimes It doesn't show at all or only for a short time. I have swapped cables about also.

    Thanks guys
  5. My I just add. My key board and mouse are not active when I try to click del for bios. Why is this? They come on after the windows logo. I've done a windows memory diagnostic and no problems.
  6. Ste_crowther94 said:
    My I just add. My key board and mouse are not active when I try to click del for bios. Why is this?

    You have a USB keyboard and the BIOS is not initializing it during boot for some reason. Maybe you toggled an option somewhere in there that makes the BIOS skip USB initialization during boot. You could try resetting the CMOS and hope that clears it. Your other option would be to get an old-school PS/2-style keyboard as a backup.

    Whatever you do, I would strongly recommend backing up any important files you may still have on that drive just in case your HDD's random disappearances are due to a failure-in-progress.
  7. Right so ive just done a fresh boot from ssd. Installed os on it. I then shut down and put the hdd in loaded up and the hdd did show up. 30 seconds later, black screen, 'reboot and select proper boot device'

    I don't care what's on my ssd or hdd. I can get rid of anything on them. Sorry I'm quite new to this so I need walking through abit
  8. Since your HDD is clearly causing major issues with your system, you might want to try seeing if things get any better if you toss it in an external HDD enclosure. This should stop the HDD from causing your PC to reboot.
  9. I'm just running off my ssd now and it seems perfect. Just installed last of drivers and it's sound. However it's only 120gb so I won't last off that. That's a good idea but I don't have one and I'd prefer another hdd if this hard drive is bad. However I can't plug it in because it just causes me problems. I may just buy a new one and see if that fixes my problem.
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