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I'm trying to use a PCIE VGA Card, Nvidia 9500GT, wich was ok in my other motherboard, but in this H61H2-M2, when I connect the Card in the PCIE slot and turn on the PC the screen shows no response even though the rest of the hardware works normally.
Also, when I remove the card and plug the monitor in the onboard vga the video works normally, if I insert the external VGA in the PCIE slot and turn the PC on I get have no video whatsoever.
How can I make my VGA work?? Help, please
Motherboard: H61H2-M2
I've tested the VGA in another PC, it was working.
I can't find options in the Setup related to PCIE or Onboard video.
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    Make sure on-board video is disabled in BIOS Setup.
  2. Phillip Corcoran said:
    Make sure on-board video is disabled in BIOS Setup.

    This is a problem, I didn't find the option related to this anywhere, but I think this might be the solution...
    My BIOS setup is as this one
  3. The problem was that I was trying to use an old VGA, NVdia 9500GT, wich does not support the UEFI BIOS of this motherboard, So, in BIOS boot options I had to change "Win 8" to "Win 7 or older" so the options of CSM, legacy launch would apper, in the bottom. The old VGAs use Legacy boot, just select those for old VGAs etc.
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