Fps in battlefield!! Is low

I have r9 290 and fx 8320
I played battlefield on ultra and got 80fps
On low settings the fps is same .. Is there any problem

In youtube someone in battlefield 4 with r9 270x got 80 fps on high

Why is this hapenning.
Thnx for help
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  1. Nothing wrong, it just means that your CPU and graphics card are balanced and that when you decrease settings, the CPU becomes the bottleneck.

    Your FPS is NOT low.
    DO NOT trust Youtube.
  2. 80fps is normal for an R9 290 on ultra with every setting maxed
  3. Cpu becomes bottleneck??????
  4. You do not have a problem
  5. The gpu usage in msi afterburner is 100 percent

    Is there any bottleneck
  6. Best answer
    If you reduce the settings, ONLY THEN does the bottleneck shift to the CPU, thats SUPPOSED to happen.
  7. I guess someone should have asked you your monitors resolution but since the online benchmarks of the R9 290 playing BF4 at 1080p/ultra are all lower than 80 fps Id say you are doing awesomely well
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