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Does someone know where to buy fan controller for fractal design define r4?
I already have this case for a year, but when I buy it, one of three connector doesn't work. At the time I only use 2 front intake fan so I just use the other two. After upgrading my PC and I opened the front enclosure, I realize that one black (-) cable broke right after the fan controller, so I want to replace it (except the switch controller).
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    Have you tried contacting Fractal about it? I'm sure they can help with sending a replacement fan controller.
  2. As an alternative, you could just plug your fans into your mobo and control them either through your BIOS or using software. That will allow you to get rid of one 4pin Molex connector, and you can just disconnect the case fan controller leads to get them out of the way, too. I pulled mine out and got a lot more use out it once I dissected it and used the parts for other projects than when it was in the case.
  3. My mainboard only have 2 fans and one cpu fan connector and all of them already used, so I want to use the fan controller for more quick control.
  4. Fractal just send me the replacement fan controller. Thanks guys.
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