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I have purchased Phanteks Enthoo Pro and I have a cooling setup in mind using the fans from my old case(Sharkoon T28). I would like to know a gathered opinion on the setup.

The Pro comes with a 200mm fan in the front and a 140mm rear exhaust fan.
My current case has 3x120mm fans, 2 at the front, 1 exhaust.

New case setup;
Front Intake - 200mm
Rear Exhaust - NZXT Kraken X31 120mm in Push
Bottom Intake - Use the 140mm that comes with case as an intake.
Top Exhaust - Use my three 120mm fans from my old case for exhaust

Is this alright? Will it create a bad pressure system?
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  1. in at the front and bottom

    out at the top and back
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    your setup is fine nothing to worry about your fans are in the right place .......
  3. Thank you, both answers were helpful, but i had to choose 1.
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