GTX 780 SC ACX - Normal score for Heaven Benchmark?

Hi there! I built my fresh new desktop PC about 3 days ago and have been gaming on it for a while and i was wondering if the scores i am getting for Heaven Benchmark is normal, i've had thoughts about this because the FPS i'm getting in ArmA 2 (DayZ) seems a bit odd so i ran a few benchmarks and wanted to see if i'm getting the performance i should be getting from a GTX 780 SC ACX

Anyways here's the benchmark results:

I haven't touched any overclocking software's so far and the drivers are up-to-date.
I have not overclocked my CPU either because i don't know how to (Will learn ^^).
So pretty much everything is right out of the box. Is everything normal here?
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  1. If those results are at all max settings, it looks very good. Here is my Heaven run at all max settings with the rig in my sig:
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