PC randomly freezes for half an hour after initial boot


My computer randomly freezes/reboots for no apparent reason, and it does so always within half an hour or so after initially starting up (i.e. if I turn it on in the morning,

it'll freeze/crash/reboot for approximately 30 minutes, and then it will run without crashes for the rest of the day). This will happen whether I'm watching a video on Youtube,

playing Skyrim, or doing anything else (including no activity, idle CPU).

This is what I've done so far in order to troubleshoot the problem:
> Replaced old optical HDD drive with an SSD, with a clean OS installation (Win7 Home Edition);
> Fixed an Audio Driver conflict (a common cause for this type of crashes, accordingly to some forums);
> Checked temperature, voltage and fan values with SpeedFan, and all parameters are ok;
> Checked that Intel Speed Step (EIST) was enabled in BIOS, and that Windows' Power Options were set to "Balanced".

I suspect that this issue is hardware related because of the following:
> I had the same problem with my old optical HDD drive;
> The new OS installation is pretty much barebones (I only have BitDefender, Steam, Chrome and SpeedFan installed);
> There are no driver conflicts (at least, none that I'm aware of), and all drivers are up-to-date.

Additional info:
> A couple of months ago, I had some serious issues with crashes of a different sort. There would be a graphical glitch (green stripes or image corruption) and then the computer would freeze and or reboot. At this time, I installed SpeedFan and noticed that temperatures were really high (70-80C for CPU, almost 90C for GPU). I opened up the case, cleared up a lot of dust, and the temperatures resumed normal values. This also fixed most of the crashes, with the exception of the ones that occur when the computer is booting up after being switched off for 3 or 4 hours (as described above).

Having said all that, and from what I've read in forums, I'm thinking that the problem may lie with one of the following components:
> Power unit;
> Graphics card;
> Motherboard.

Could you give me your thoughts on this issue? I can post configuration details, if needed.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Its restarting after failure - rebooting. Go into Safe Mode F8 start and disable automatic restart on failure.

    The find out why its failing. eg is you cpu getting hot?
  2. i7Baby said:
    Its restarting after failure - rebooting. Go into Safe Mode F8 start and disable automatic restart on failure.

    The find out why its failing. eg is you cpu getting hot?

    Thank you for your reply. I've disabled the automatic restart on failure and will check to see if I get a BSOD this way.

    However, I'm quite sure it's not temperature related - values are normal, even when running a demanding game like Skyrim on High Quality settings (the temperature value never exceeds 70C).
  3. Disabling auto restart won't get rid of bsod's. But it will mean you can then analyze your pc to find the bsod cause.

    Now download HWInfo and run Sensors. Post the results - usually 3 screenshots in TinyPic or similar. Hopefully that'll get us closer to the cause.
  4. Hey, very nice tool!

    Here are the Sensors results:

  5. You only have 4gb ram

    If that's at idle, your cpu is a bit hot. Blow out the case to get rid of dust build up - especially fans, filetrs and coolers

    Your power supply 12v reading is a bit too high (12.432V). Get a better one eg bSeasonic

    Your GPU looks OK

    Post your complete and detailed build.
  6. These readings were taken after I got rid of the dust, so they are pretty close to normal operation.
    I was looking for an excuse to replace my power supply, so I guess that I've found one already. :)
    I'll replace the power source, perform additional testing and post the results.
    Thanks for your help i7Baby.
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