Looking into a ssd 120gb

So far the hyperx 120gb has caught my eye but I want some opinions I never owned a ssd yet.
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  1. I have one of those. Boot drive, on 24/7, almost 2 yrs old. Zero complaints.
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    The samsung 840 EVO is very good and fast and the Crucial mx100 is also very good. They should be in the same price range as the kingston. Read reviews the samsung 840 evo is probably the fastest out of the 3 but the crucial and kingston have there advantages as well.
  3. I've seen the Samsung one they're a little slower write but don't know if that matters
  4. Xnitro67 said:
    I've seen the Samsung one they're a little slower write but don't know if that matters

    You will not notice any speed difference between the 3 mentioned drives. (Kingston HyperX, Samsung, or Crucial)
  5. But you will probably notice the difference in reliability. Check some charts of return rates.

    Taken from Hardware.Fr, translated via Google


    - Samsung 0.05% (against 0.48%)
    - Plextor 0.16% (N / A)
    - Intel 0.37% (against 0.45%)
    - Crucial 1.12% (against 1.11%)
    - Corsair 1.61% (against 1.05%)
    - OCZ 6.64% (against 5.02%) / 2.92% without Petrol / Octane SATA 2 (against 3.05%)

    We have not made ​​a mistake on the number of Samsung which is very impressive. It almost overshadow the entry in the standings with Plextor also a very good score. But be careful, its M3 and M3 Pro the manufacturer had a guarantee with recovery SSD free home via a carrier that promotes necessarily more returns live. The rate determined by Corsair is on the rise, such as OCZ is once again very high.

    This rate is actually significantly impacted by two series, Petrol Octane SATA 3 and SATA 2, which are respectively 39.79 and 36.13% of returns, a shame. Without these two the range of OCZ rate falls to 2.92%, which her ​​brother always the last place but at a much more reasonable rate remains inflated by some series (7.51% on Agility 4 for example) then others are doing better (1.89% for Vertex 3 and 1.46% for Vertex 4).

    If we look at models with a return rate of over 5%, OCZ hogs the ranking:

    - 52.07% OCZ Octane SATA 2 128GB
    - 45.26% OCZ Petrol 128GB
    - 44.76% OCZ Octane SATA 2 64 GB
    - 40.57% OCZ Petrol 64GB
    - 10.23% OCZ Agility 4256 Go
    - 8.70% OCZ Octane SATA 3 256GB
    - 7.41% OCZ Agility April 64 GB
    - 6.85% OCZ Agility 4128 Go
    - 6.59% OCZ Agility 3 90GB
    - 5.56% OCZ Octane SATA 3 128GB

    In the next period (from October 2012 to April 2013 sales), here are the numbers we get for the moment:

    - 0.15% Samsung
    - 0.43% Intel
    - 0.65% Corsair
    - 0.78% Kingston
    - 1.32% Crucial
    - 1.39% OCZ
  6. evo is a little bit more expensive but im not sure about the Crucial write speeds. Crucial read/write 550/150. Samsung 540/410. i wqas looking at the hyperX 3k which has 550 read and write
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