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For my PC build i was thinking of going Crucial M550 128GB 2.5” SSD 7mm. But then i heard of these Intel SSDs and i found Intel® SSD 530 Series 120GB 2.5". Which SSD is more relieable and longer lasting. As far as specs go Intel reading speed is slower by 10MB/s than Crucial but writing speed is by 140MB/s faster on Intel. I will be doing gaming but mainly having Windows on it, which SSD would be fastest to when running Windows and maybe some games.

Please tell me which one is better and if you can find tell me a better SSD to get for 128USD
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  1. The Samsung 840/850 models have the fastest performance, but the Intel models have better reliability and warranty.
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    Go for crucial, both brands are very reputable but the reading speed is more important imo, write speeds will be quicker than a hdd anyway, it's better to just get faster read speed as you won't be saving new stuff onto it every day, but you will be opening files from it everyday
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