im confused how much ram can i put in my machine in total 32gb or 16gb

im using a asrock h81 says max memory supported 16gb

does this mean it supports upto 16gb in total or just per dimm
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    it is total 16 gb supported by your mother board.
  2. 2x8GB sticks total 16Gb!
  3. 16 total. Preferably 2 8GB sticks.
  4. It supports up to total of 16GB of RAM. So, the best configuration you can use is 2 RAM blocks (8 GB each) to achieve a total of 16 GB of RAM.

    You can still use 1 RAM block of 16GB, however; you can't add any more RAM, since they extra added amount of RAM won't be detected at all.

    If you are unsure if you have to go with 1x16GB or 2x8GB, 2x8GB will be better due to Dual Channel Memory Configuration, which typically improves access times, thus improving overall performance.
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