4gb vs 8gb Ram

Alright, so the last piece I'm buying for my build is the ram and the title says it all.

I've been looking at these two components and want to know which one is worth it. Is the extra $25 worth 8gb ram or should I stick with 4gb?

Processor: i5-4460
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  1. Spend the extra $25. You'll want at least 8Gb for multitasking and for new games. New games will max out 4gbs and you will see OOM errors.

    Around $600 for everything. I already bought the CPU and don't need OS
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    Yes, like others said, you'll need 8GB minimum. It's quickly become the standard (at least for Windows machines, they suck up RAM). On my 4GB Windows 7 laptop, I frequently run into trouble with RAM after opening 20-30 Google Chrome tabs (which also suck up a ton of RAM).

    Essentially, you can assume (because of Windows and background processes) that the amount of RAM you effectively have is the total amount of specified RAM minus 1.5-2GB.
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