Cross by Red Harbinger Build NEED HELP on System, Display, Ram, CPU, GPU, Water cooling and monitoring accessories

Hi all,

The desk of my dreams finally hit the market and I am very excited to start the build. Hopefully this will be THE COMPUTER HOUSING that I will own it for life.

Since there are a lot of grounds to cover, I am going to post a series of threads that I have questions on. So below are the different questions that I Have.

Part 1. SYSTEM CONFIG - What mobo, CPU, GPU and ram to use in dual system config, one for gaming and the other for media center, MS excel and Power Point work? I currently have an Asus X79 Rampage Black edition (use for gaming) and am thinking of getting the Asus Z97 Formula VII for media center.

Part 2. DISPLAYS -
Option I - Thinking of the new LG 21:9 34 in ultra wide monitor for gaming and Maybe the Asus Swift to be on top of the LG as second monitor or if the LG is not fast enough for some games I will have the Swift as the backup.
Option II - have three VG248QE in Surround ( I think the prices for these are going down and I might be able to get a good deal on two more later this year (already own one with G-Synch) and use existing P278Q to place on top or get a swift to place on top.(Won't go the swift route until they go on sale, so maybe a year from now.

Part 3. WATER COOLING - Am thinking of custom water cooling the gaming rig with copper tubes, 3X reservoir, 2X D5 pump, 2X quad rad and water block for 780ti 2 X SLI, CPU and Vram on mobo. I know that is a way over kill for one system but I am future proofing it so I can add the other system to the loop in the future. But for now I am just going to go semi AIO water cooling by swiftech. Since I already have the 780 Poseidon and the formula VII has on board water cooling options I am just going to use the swiftech H220-X or H320 to initially cool the CPU and have the option to add GPU and Chipset cooling in the future.

Part 4. Accessories -
- I would like to monitor the water temp, ambient air temp in case and temp on a few important components. Any suggestions?
- Any other productivity enhancement accessories that you guys think is useful for my situation? ie. USB3.0, multi media card readers, Hot swap bays etc...

Finally I would like to thank everyone on the help. I will post my progress on this thread. Cross by Red Harbinger
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  1. 1. Your building a media PC, all it has to do is run the HDD's attached to it. You dont need an uber gaming rig to run play movies over a network. Literally make this as cheap as possible.

    2. This is pretty much entirely going to be personal preference and what you do outside of gaming on the machine.

    3. Have you water-cooled before?

    4. Eh...
  2. I have not custom water cooled before, just been using AIO water coolers for CPU and AIO CPU kits mod to cool GPUs, but they are still AIOs. The problem I have is I already have most of the parts for the media side of the desk. I say media just because i don't want to put things down like surfing the net, working on PPT presentation, excel financial models and also monitor the 156 IP cameras that I have installed in my retail shops. The only new thing I need is the double 120 swiftect AIO water cooling kit which I can expand to cool my chipset on my Formula VII and Poseidon 780 GPU. I am also luck enough to have someone install the custom loop for me with powder coated copper tubes and I will focus on the Media side of the desk.
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    Hey bjkill, take a look at this:

    I think your PC should be fine with one of these, both good for games and media center and it's a budget around $850.
    Of course you can switch to another MBO or stronger CPU from the AMD or Intel series, it all depends on your budget and how much money are you willing to spend.

    Since your post is from the 10th August, you probably got your new config, but still there you go the configs I gave you.
    If you are having a way better config than those 2 I gave you (what you probably do as you are mentioning Formula VII MBO and the 780 GPU) then you don't have to worry about games nor anything for the next couple of years.
    Honestly I am not really good with water cooling and monitors stuff, so I will stay away of giving you an advice on that.

    Hope you found something useful here hehe.
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