How to find Windows XP Home Bit Size Without Computer/Properites

My laptop has recently experienced a hard drive failure. The product key is printed on the bottom, along with the OS type. However, I'm unsure of the bit size, or if the bit size even matters when it comes to renewing the product key.

If I order a 32-bit (and the old system was 64-bit), will it matter? Is there any way for me to find the bit-size based off the product key code?
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  1. XP = 32-bit

    There was a XP 64-bit, but it was never installed on manufactured systems, such as your laptop.
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    There is no problem, you are running the 32 bit edition if it is XP Home. Only XP Professional and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition (no other label) were available in a 64 bit editions.
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