Totally confused help

Hi. Some people helped me with a gaming build. It looked like that:

Intel Xeon 1230v3
AsRock H81M-HDS
Geforce GTX 780 Asus
Crucial Ballistix Sport 1x8 Gb 1600Mhz CL9
Wd Blue 1TB
Cooler Master B600 600w
Cooler Master N300 case

However, when I asked if this build is okay in different forum, I was destroyed.

First, they said the processor is for servers and not gaming. Well, I know for sure they were wrong. Xeon 1230v3 is same i7-4770 with slightly lower ghz and no iGpu. So for the price of i5 you get i7 performance with hyperthreading.

Now, motherboard. Well, obviously it is very cheap. In forum which helped me with the build they said that there is no point of buying more expensive motherboard because the cpu is not overclockable and I also don't need extra pci-e and pci slots which are offered by more expensive mobos. There is a point, I will not use these things. I don't even know what are they needed for. What I need is a few usb ports. That's all. Now, in evil forum (let's call it that way, they were really angry and criticised everything) they said this mobo is a piece of s... Arguments were that it will break very fast, it has cheapest parts which might burn and so on. But there is 3 year warranty, so why should i pay twice more for a mobo?

Video card is the only part without any negative comments. Btw almost bought tri-x r9 290, but then saw that warranty is only for 2 years.

Ram. It was said that crucial sucks and I should get corsair vengeance. But it's noticeably more expensive. Is it even worth it? Also I was criticised for 1x8gb module and they said I should get 2x4. But in reality there is no difference. Also, the motherboard has only 2 ram slots so 2x4gb would make no sense,

Wd blue. Well, easy to predict. They offered wd black. That is a big no. Price is too big and wd blue fits me fine.

Psu. They said that this psu is bad and too cheap. Also added that 600w is not enough for gtx 780 while in first forum they said 600w is fine.

Case. Well i was offered to buy a more expensive case with no arguments.

Now, some questions.

1. Is my motherboard good enough for 1230v3 and gtx 780 gaming?
2. Do I really need Corsair Vengeance? Is crucial that bad?
3. Is cooler master b600 psu bad?
4. Is 600w not enough for gtx 780 and xeon 1230v3?
5. Is the case bad?
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    1 Yes as a budget board just fine.
    2 Crucial is fine but 2 sticks for dual channel would be better
    3 The B600 is a budget unit, lacking reviews at the moment. Specs are alright but would not have been my selection.
    4 600watts is enough
    5 Case is fine plenty of cooling options, I have my server in N200 and love it.
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