Fan placement in Fractal Design Define R4

Hi everyone, I have recently purchased the Fractal Design Define R4 and would like to know if my fan placement is good for this case and optimal airflow.
I currently have a corsair H80i and have made a diagram to show where I am going to place the fans, if you have any suggestions or improvements (what I would like) please comment below.
I am going to have:
Two 140mm front intake fans- the bigger hard drive cage is going to be removed
One bottom 120mm intake fan
Two 120mm exhaust fans on either side of the corsair H80i radiator
Two top 120mm exhaust fans
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    Your fans are correct. Although overkill, they are correctly placed.
  2. That setup for your fans should be just fine, it will keep all your parts nice and cool
  3. Thanks!
  4. Are your Corsair H80i fans setup as exhaust i.e. as recommended in installation manual?
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