Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600: Overclock or upgrade?

recently i upgraded my graphics card from an Nvidia GTX 650 2gb to an AMD HD 7870, and have been experiencing FPS drops with mantle, and lower FPS with DX11, I am wondering if I should buy a better cooler and overclock, or just upgrade to a better CPU.
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    The Core2 architecture is falling quite a bit behind i3/5/7 on single-threaded performance.

    Part of it is simply due to modern CPUs having an integrated memory controller which cuts total memory access latency roughly in half. Having more than twice the bandwidth and eliminating the FSB as an additional potential bottleneck also help.

    You could also buy something like a 212EVO which is compatible with nearly all sockets currently on the market and probably be able to reuse it on whatever you might get next.
  2. I have a Q6600 running at 3.2Ghz with a 280x, and while i still get good FPS, even at 3.2, the CPU is still holding things back a fair bit.

    Im looking at an upgrade too.
    On the plus side, when I built the system ~6 years ago, I overbuilt it, so many components (PSU, case) I can still use.
    On the down side, at a very minimum I'll need a new CPU, mobo and ram.
  3. Yes, time to upgrade the Q6600. Just to give you perspective, it was launched in Q1, 2007.
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