Where do I plug my case fans into?

Hello. I have completely installed all of my components correctly (Post beep and spinning fans) but I still need to connect my case fans. I'm using the NZXT. I've tried connecting it to sys_fan and that didn't work. Then I tried switching it to the wire on the fans themselves, still nothing. . When connecting them, they did nothing as well. I still have a few vacant slots (LPT, TPM, Spdif_O, sys_fan 1-3). Here's a few pictures

The cords that come from the case.

My empty areas that are still available

(Sorry for the blurry image, but those two say LPT and TPM)

Fans on the side panel

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  1. Well, depending on whether or not they are three pin or four pin PWM connectors and what motherboard you have, and you don't say what motherboard you have, you need to likely use a splitter to plug both fans into and use a four pin socket on the board that says cha_fan1 (Or 2 depending on your board) or sys_fan with four pin connector. Or, same deal but if your fans are three pin connectors you can use the cha_fan1 or cha_fan2 that's three pin (Or sys_fan) that's also three pin. Any of the three or four pin headers can be used for three pin pans but only four pin headers can be used for four pin fans.

    It would sure help to know the exact model of your fans and your motherboard.
  2. Whoops. I guess I didn't have my build and parts up there. Here's the entire build
  3. Ok, did those fans come with the case? If so, are they three or four pin fans? The case description and specs say fans come with the case but it doesn't say what fans or what type they are. Some are PWM and some are not but it doesn't specify so we need to know how many pins.
  4. darkbreeze said:
    Ok, did those fans come with the case? If so, are they three or four pin fans?

    They did come with the case and they are three pins.

    EDIT: Plus, I do not see any cha_fan on my mobo. Just sys_fan
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    Yep, your board has three locations to plug case fans in. Sys_fan1, 2 and 3. These sockets will accept either three or four pin plugs. If you use three pin plugs on them you need to make sure you use the three pins to the side that has the relief or tab on the socket frame.

    On the three pin connector coming from the fan there is a tab that secures the connector to the socket. On the motherboard connector there is a matching relief (OR visa versa) for the tab to click down onto. It's kind of hard to see but if you look you will see it. You probably had the other three pins in the connector. Hopefully that didn't cause any damage.

    Probably not but just make sure you look and connect the right way. Also, you may need to go into the BIOS and enable options for each fan. Maybe not though. Just make sure you connect them correctly.

    In other words, you can install the three pin fan connector to the four pin sys fan socket two different ways and only one of them is right.

    You can also get three pin to four pin adapters that will allow you to control them with PWM so you can control the speed by pulse width modulation rather than voltage.
  6. Thanks, Dark. #1 issue I had was that I didn't have my molex cable plugged into my PSU! Everything else was all snap in and simple. Didn't even have to plug anything into my motherboard. I feel like an idiot now. Anyways, everything is hooked up and working!

  7. Right on man. Glad to hear it. If you decide you want the fans to have variable speed control, remember you can get adapters for those 4 pin headers so the motherboard can control the speed via PWM. Good luck and have fun.
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