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I have a belkin N+ wireless router dual band and I recently build my own PC and got a TL-WDN4800 dual band N adapter, I am having a problem that when I play games or watch videos, the wifi cuts out in the middle of it and I won't be able to connect to it for another minute or so and its really annoying, the 2GHz is too slow and has really high ping for some reason and I just came on here looking for a solution.
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  1. Check in Control Panel, Device Manager that the wifi card is working properly and has the latest driver.

    How far away from the router are you? Any walls, doors or floors between? Can you use ethernet cable instead?

    Are your TL antennae working OK? Not shielded by anything? How about the 5GHz antennae on the router?
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    Try turning your PC 90 degrees in each direction and see if it improves.
    Are there any fridges,freezers or air con units between PC and router as these can be a source of interference.
  3. Unfortunately the main router is in the living room and I am stuck in my bedroom (I prefer to not use a computer in the living room its a bit awkward) The antennas are also blocked as they are under my desk, I will try to move it and test it. If i do not post another answer that means it made no difference
  4. I turned my PC 90 degrees and it seems to work now thanks alot
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