Iphone 6 or navidia Gtx 780

Hey I got my iPhone 4 in washing machine now it's destroyed and now I don't have any phone expect 2000s phone. I like gaming and I got ps4 but game costs me 120$ . I want a gaming pc, should I buy new iPhone or this graphics card sorry and I like new phones and tech also
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  1. be a hipser, get a iphone.
  2. If you have PS4, and you don't have good phone, iPhone would be best choice. If you can't afford PS4 games, just sell it, add another hundred of bucks and buy GTX 780 :)
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    You could always buy a cheap smartphone and get all your basic functions such as email, web surfing, SMS , Call, Alarm , Camera, Apps and Games, and so on.

    Sell your PS4 and build a PC. You get Free games for PC ( both pirated and legal XD )
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