Launch windows 8 in a ram disk?

I am currently holding a 4GB ram disk, and I want to install win 8 on it,
I don't know how big is a new windows 8 in GB,
And of course the amount of data stored in it will increase as the time past through. So it is hard to know.

So what do you think is the suitable size of the RAM disk required ?

Can programs be properly installed (As the program files has changed its location)?
Or can I chage the location of program files to my hard drive?

As I know, saving on a ram disk is actually moving a img file to it,
so it takes long time to finish.
It is really worth installing a operating system on it?

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  1. unless you're using some native bios features this is impossible. Even if you could boot up the ram disk windows 8 require about 10gb of space if i remember right.
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    A 4GB hardware RAM disk sounds like it might be fairly old technology. If you really want a RAM disk, my recommendation would be enough system RAM (16+ GB) and a commercial RAM disk driver program. This will be faster than a HW RAM disk because it is not tied to the PCI bus, but, directly to the CPU infrastructure. An SSD for your OS install, plus targeted use of a software RAM disk will probably give you the best performance and reliability.
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