Soundcard or onboard?

Hi everyone,

I want to build my own pc and I'm not sure if I need to buy a sound card or not. I want true 7.1 surround sound for my Razer tiamat 7.1 headset. I'm looking to buy the Asus Z97-A as a motherboard and I'm not sure if there is true 7.1 surround sound on it (For games like Call of Duty, Watchdogs, Diablo 3 etc.).
Would I get a lot better sound quality if i bought a sound card? I'm want to spend around $70 if needed.
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  1. Yes, for high quality headsets or speakers sound cards will improve quality
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    True 7.1 sound from a headset... yeah. Just because there are 7 speakers in the thing doesnt change the fact there crammed into that tiny space and arent going to be anything like an actual 7.1 setup.

    But anyway, yes most motherboards support 7.1 setups. Its why there is a ridiculous number of audio jacks on the back of them.
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