New build R9 295x2 M-atx case help!!!

Ok so i have decided to recycle components from my existing pc. I have 2x 780 Gtx in sli sitting on a Asus z87 -Pro mobo with a i7 4770K chip. The tower is now taking up valuable space and I really really need to downsize, so I have decided to get a single gpu but don't want to compromise on the power as I have been enjoying from these 2 cards. I would really like some help from you guys in deciding the best course of action, here are the components I will be recycling:

Asus z87 -Pro mobo with a i7 4770K chip
H100i water cooling unit
cooler master 1050w silent pro hybrid psu
2 x ssd
Asus Xonar Essence STX Soundcard
7x 120 mm corsairs slient fans
1x 140 mm corsairs silent fan

I would love to rehouse this in a small form factor case ( I appreciate I may need a new mobo to achieve this) with the addition of the R9 295x2

was thinking of something on the lines of

or a build similar to that size

And help would be appriciated
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  1. I love smaller cases.
    How small would you like to be?
    Your post title says M-ATX and your link shows a Prodigy ITX case.
    Actually the prodigy is not exactly a small case. It is about 10 x 16 x14.
    A ITX motherboard will not have a second slot for a discrete sound card in addition to the graphics card.
    I might suggest the Silverstone TJ08E M-ATX which measures a similar 8 x 14 x 15.
    The cooling is superb and could easily handle your two GTX780 cards.
    I am using the maximus VII gene which has a good integrated sound riser card.
    Water cooling is not needed, you can fit a good air cooler.
    I am also building for a friend using the Silverstone ps07 which is very similar. Cooling is not quite as good, but it will be quieter.

    If you need even smaller, ITX is more challenging.
    The Silverstone sugo sg05 or cm elite 210 are relatively small.
  2. Hi Geo, I wont be using the 2 780's , I'll be buying a R9 295x2 as a replacement for the 2 780's
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    If you're holding onto the gpu+soundcard combo, you'll need an mATX case. I can personally recommend the Silverstone sg10 for this (I run two graphics cards without a hitch inside one). If you're not a fan of the looks, check out the Prodigy M. How small are you looking to go? There are cases like the Fractal Mini R2 that aren't really all that small, but are smaller than mid towers and give you a lot of room.
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