Low end CPU with a midrange GPU - bottleneck?

After an unreasonable amount of research and confusion, I figured I'd come back to the TH community for an answer.

My computer isn't exactly the best rig for gaming (far from it) and with the low budget I have I want to make the right choice on my first try. The AMD Athlon II X2 220 is, to my knowledge, at the low end of low end CPUs. I've been told an AMD Radeon HD 7850 or GTX 750 ti will run perfectly well on a Corsair 430W with this CPU, so that's good.

However, recently I found out about bottle-necking, and since I'm progressively becoming a more hardcore gamer, having to re-upgrade because my CPU's not good enough (especially right after getting a new GPU) is really annoying. So my question is with the Athlon II X2 220, is it going to bottleneck either the HD 7850 or GTX 750 ti?

I play a wide range of games, and people say some are more CPU/GPU heavy, which puts me on both extreme ends of the spectrum.

Thanks in advance and if I'm overthinking it just tell me that too :D
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    Most likely it will bottleneck but it does not hurt anything, you would still have the option of upgrading the CPU later.
  2. My rule of thumb for a balanced gamer is to budget twice the cpu cost for the graphics card.
    If your budget allows, consider a G3258 and a GTX750.,3888.html
    Otherwise a intel G1850 would work ok.
  3. Newer technology helps more than higher priced CPUs. I am switching from low end AMD processors (Athlon x4 630, A4-3420, A6-5400k) to the Intel G3258 on a msi z87 g41 pc mate mobo ($85 for both after $20 rebate) and another G3258 on an ASUS Z97-P ($105 for both after a $30 rebate). The newer processors run cooler and newer motherboards make a big difference compared to just upgrading the processor alone.

    I buy mobo and processor combos since it is almost like getting the processor for free on lower end processors or getting the mobo for free with higher end processors. All the current AMD stuff just runs too hot (A6 5400k from personal experience but the A4-3420 and the x4 630 run really cool though, but the A10 or fx8320/8350 etc however those are outside of my price range anyways)
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