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im looking to get a new processor and i have a msi motherboard. will a amd processor be compatible with my msi motherboard?
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  1. well currently my pc is telling me i have a amd dual core processor
  2. To make sure we need to now the model of the board and what CPU you are looking at, AMD comes in many flavors and different sockets!
  3. My motherboard is a msi MS-7390 and the processor im looking at getting is AMD Athlon X2 370K Richland 4.0GHz, Socket FM2, 65W Desktop Processor (AD370KOKHLBOX)
  4. Will not work since the board is the old AM2 socket while the CPU is the newer FM2!
  5. too get a better processor am i going to have to get a new motherboard?
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    Yes pretty much motherboard/CPU/ram minimum.
  7. k thanks
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