Fallout 3 GOTY wont start

i am not able to play fallout 3 game of the year on my windows 7 pc. Its not a problem about hardware cause i hard a i7 4770k, a gtx 780, 2 displays, a 2tb WD Hard drive, and a 250gb ssd. when im at the launch screen for the game nothing happens when i press play. all it does it keep re detecting my graphics card and setting the graphics for ultra high quality. And ive tried re installing the game multiple times. i would also change the .nin folder but i cant find fallout 3 in the my games folders in either hard drive. can any one help me???
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  1. How do you not know which HDD you installed it on?
  2. well i installed in on my 2tb hdd but i cant fin the FALLOUT 3 FOLDER on either one so i do know bro
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