Advice on graphics card upgrade needed please!

Built a new PC recently and now its time to upgrade the graphics as I'm using an older card, would appreciate some advice!
I'm currently using a GTX 460se and am looking at upgrading to a GTX 780/780ti or a Radeon 290/290x (or any other suggestions)
Maximum budget of £500 but I'd like to spend less if possible!
I have a 600w Corsair PSU, Asus Sabertooth 900fx Motherboard, FX8350 CPU, and 8gb of corsair Vengeance ram in my system at the moment
I use my PC as my main gaming machine and for work, internet, all kinds of things, so it is an all round workhorse, I tend to play at standard 1920 x 1080 resolution, and I normally play games on 1 monitor (although I sometime use 2 for work and other things)
I don't see myself upgrading to 4k anytime soon, but I'd like a card that will hopefully be "ok" for a few years to come!
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  1. We need some more information in order to properly give you advise on this. What we in the least need to know is;

    - Your power supply brand + wattage
    - The resolution of your screen
    - Your motherboard and/or CPU
    - Your case brand + model
  2. Budget? What is the older card? Where are you from?
  3. Apologies, was my first question on here, I typed a full description into the "main page" of the site and assumed it would pick it up for this. Have now updated my question!
  4. Ok. Based on this, I think you can make quite an informed decision based on the performance per dollar chart:,3107-8.html

    First, since you have an AMD setup, I suggest going for an AMD GPU for better Mantle support. Basically, going on your max budget, an R9 290 is probably the best you can get. If you want to go lower, the 280X should be more than fine since you're sticking to 1080p res.
  5. I would get the 290 or 290x because they are better value, also they are probably a safer bet for the future with their added VRAM.
  6. So the AMD route would be fine for me? I've always had Nvidia cards so I wasn't sure really! 290 is around £300 290x is around £400 so I wasn't sure which would be the better value as I'd heard the 290x wasn't that much different to the 290 at 1080
    Thanks for the replies so far :)
  7. 290 would be a perfectly good option at 1080
  8. Personally I would not pick the 290x over the 290. The performance difference is negligible for that huge price jump. The difference is maybe 5 fps on average.
  9. Okay awesome, thanks again both of you, much appreciated :)
  10. Best answer
    Happy to help
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