Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 versus 780- better bang for your buck?

I recently finished purchasing all of the necessary parts to build my first custom PC. Newegg had a sale for 30$ off on the 770 at the time, making it a relatively small jump from the 760 I was eyeballing to the 770. After reading many of the reviews, I even forked over a substantial 50$ or so to upgrade from 2gbs to 4gbs FTW edition, in the name of future-proofing.

Despite all that, the literal moment I finish buying all the parts, ex. the graphics card, the 780 FTW edition goes on sale for 45$ off. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't quickly send back the card while I still have the option for a refund, and buy the 780 FTW while it's on sale.

I understand I'm gaining more cuda cores and the advanced 384-bit BUS on the 780, but I really am unsure just how much of a performance upgrade that is in the real world- again, this is my first time building a pc.

So, experts on this site that have already helped so much, as well as those who choose to skip to the point-

Which should I choose? The 770 or the 780? I don't plan on running SLI anytime soon, but I will have a PSU capable of running either or if I buy a second sometime down the road.

Thanks in advance!


Links to the two graphics card in question:


Sorry for the double-post! The first one was in the wrong category. Sorry! I'm new here.
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  1. Would consider the 4gb 770 a waste of money so in my opinion if you are spending that much money you should get a 290, it is cheaper and better in a lot of ways than both options.

    If you must go nvidia though get the 780
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    If your main concern is performance per dollar, then the GTX 770 is of course a little better when comparing stock cards at non-sale prices. But since you are comparing a more expensive 4GB GTX 770 versus an on-sale top of the line FTW GTX 780, that evens things out considerably. I would go for the GTX 780, mainly because you should always get the best card you can afford, and for the fact that the EVGA FTW model is one of the very best versions you can buy.

    These charts are recent and are based on recent prices and the latest games. The Nvidia cards are all stock models, so the FTW will be much faster, up around Titan levels of performance or more. The important thing to see is that the 780 is considerably faster than the 770, not just a little bit.

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