Can i play Sniper elite 3 installation to another computer directly

I'm having a problem on sniper elite 3,when i install it shows error on 63.7% that unpack error isdone.dll error on 8.1, but on my friend computer it install successfully he is using win 8, i tried to fix this but 3 days gone nothing happens so i thought to leave it.Now if i copy the installation data from my friend computer can i play directly on my pc.
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    Copy all files from the installation folder of your friend and paste in yours, after that launch the game from the executable, it should work fine.
    Also, are you using steam?
  2. No,why?
  3. Because if you were using the steam you could just download it again. But if you are not using, just copy the files and it will work.
  4. Very heplful..Thanks it worked playing now.
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