Having trouble installing certain programs onto new PC with windows 7.

So I recently built a new computer and installed windows 7 on to it. As it being a gaming PC, I first installed a browser better then IE and some gaming programs(ie. steam, uplay, Razer game booster) While I was able to install steam and uplay without a problem when trying to install chrome I hit a snag, I keep getting an error message, but the window would close before I could read the number. I thought it was just a problem with chrome, until game booster wouldn't install either, it would start to load, get to 20% or so and then just crash. Some other programs I tried to install were spotify, skype, firefox, logmein, sliverlight(for netflix) and WinRar. Out of those, Skype and sliverlight were the only ones that wouldn't work. Sliverlight would just say and unexpected error has occurred and then stop working, with skype, I gave me an error message 1603 and it had something to do with trying to find files that didn't exist at the directory it gave. If it was only one program not working I wouldn't think that much about it, but because its multiple I don't know if Its a problem with my software or I'm just unlucky. Any advice or thought on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. did you purchase the Windows 7 dvd you installed from?
  2. Myself I would keep IE even though it sucks.. but it is an integral part of win7!
    But, I would also ask... is the win7 install a legit copy?
  3. The windows copy seemed to be ligit, I bought it off of newegg and it hasn't said anything about it not being a ligit copy
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    well, here's the process I would use to reinstall windows from that purchased dvd... first download all updated drivers for your motherboard, gpu and peripherals
    1- reboot from the windows dvd and do a custom install, removing all partitions from the drive (only one drive should be connected to the motherboard, and only your keyboard and mouse - no other peripherals)
    2- install after creating a new partition from all available space
    3- after install and you're at the desktop, install updated motherboard drivers and reboot as many times as necessary - then install gpu driver
    4- after all that, run windows update as many times as necessary (run update, dload and install, reboot, same process until update finds nothing) do not update your gpu from windows update
    once this process is completed you can connect a peripheral at a time and install the drivers for it
    create a system restore point at this point - this is your clean install reference point, it doesn't hurt to make an image of the drive at this point, if you ever want to start from scratch, it'll be easier to restore the image

    now feel free to install whatever you want - one prog at a time and reboot between to see if what what you just installed is working
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