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this is my build:

i would like to ask if i am able to overclock my GPU and CPU.

Im incredibly new to PCs so i am not very knowledgeable about them.

this PC will be used strictly for gaming so please let me know!

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  1. If you're looking to overclock, you'd be looking at the 4670k or 4690k, which are the unlocked processors produced by Intel.
  2. Your cpu is not one to overclock but you could on the gpu. Definitely do your homework and know what you are doing beform you do though
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    Your CPU is locked and can't be overclock. To know if it can be overclock or unlock you will notice a "K" on the end of your processor name. e.g. i7-4770 is locked. i7-4770K is unlocked and can be overclocked.

    And yes your GPU can be overclock, notice the "OC" in the name of your GPU. Basically means overclock. :)
  4. Thanks everyone for the help! :) yes if i end up overclocking i will definitely make sure i have done the research and know what im doing :)
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