can't install net framework 3.5

so i have windows 8.1 and 100KB/sec connection ( country house)
whenever i click "download and install this feature" it searches for required files, starts downloading and then "the following feature couldn't be installed" error code 0x800F0906
i tried but got same thing.
it says it cannot connect to internet (prob because of low speed? )
is there any way to download full instalation or something with normal download and install offline?
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  1. Try to download it again from Microsoft's website:
    Only this time use some downloader software like flashget so you'll be able to resume it if there's any disconnection.
  2. no luck. and strange thing is when it searches for 3.5 task manager shows connection at 0 %
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    Then download the installer somewhere else, copy it to a pendrive and then install it in your house.
  4. i reinstalled windows. works now :)
  5. i used program called rufus which ran without 3.5
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