Can I upgrade my HP Proliant G5 ML350 server to dual X5472 processors?

I currently have a Generation 5 HP Proliant ML350 server and it has only a dual core processor installed. I have a couple of Intel XEON X5472 quadcore processors from another project I parted out. I'm wondering if these processors will work in my ML350?

All I can find is '54xx' processors are supported, but I do not see my particular processors listed anywhere as being compatible.

Can someone tell me if they should work or not? Would I need to update the BIOS before doing so, if they will work?
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    Reading this, I would have to say no, from an official standpoint. Since they are from the same series of chips, I would try it anyway. If it works, it will probably run at a lower clock speed due to the FSB though. Looks like that system is a 1333fsb, the CPU's are 1600. They would only run at like 2.5ghz, if they run at all.
  2. Okay thanks that makes sense. I won't try these, I can sell them as a pair for $180.

    Would I be okay using X5460's? I can get a pair of them for $60 shipped.
  3. Sure, they are compatible. Not a bad price either. Should see quite the performance boost, if you can make use of that many cores.
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