can I install windows via Flash drive/usb into the 78lmt-s2 motherboard?

Im building my pc and I was wondering if i could install windows by using my flash drive/usb onto the 78lmt-s2 motherboard. because I dont want to buy an optical drive for my newly build pc. and I will be inserting the windows 7 disk into my laptop and putting the iso onto my flash drive.
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  1. Yes you can boot to usb. You can't just copy the ISO to a flash drive, you have to actually set the flash drive up as an install drive.
  2. Yea i was gonna use that windows iso tool from the microsoft website
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    That will work. Some people has issues booting from the USB with your board. They were only able to get the option after pulling the power from the system, and then plugging it back in. Like it only showed up the first boot after power was applied.
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