PC shutting down without warning!


I am on my knees and pleading for help! Let me fill you in on my problem. My PC is terrorizing me with shut downs without any warning, no BSOD, or any sign or noise before shutting down. Here's my attempt to give you a thorough explanation of the behavior. I turn on my Precision X application to activate automated fan control over my graphic card as it has tendencies to reach very high temperatures, I also put the water cooler on performance so it keep cool, when I play games like guild wars 2. I can't document that the PC has under these circumstances shutting down.

However, for example, if I forget to turn on the automated fan for my graphic card, (Precision X) then I have experienced my PC shutting off abruptly, only to start up again, only to shut down again, and this loops until I physically pull the cord out and/or turn off the, I/O PSU switch and wait a couple of seconds, before starting it up again.

Today, I was watching some TV series, and I put my water cooler on quiet mode, but I still had the precision automated fan control on, I fell asleep having the PC on, and I believe the PC was on for at least 5 hours, and I literally woke up hearing it shutting off, then to start up again to see it shut off and on, off and on.

These are my specs:

Corsair Dominator DDR3 1866MHz 8GB
Kit w/2x4GB XMS3 DHX, CL9-10-9-27, Platinum
Corsair H100i Hydro Series CPU Kjøler
Intel Core i7-4930K
Socket-LGA2011, 6-Core, 3.4GHz, 12MB, 130W, Ivy Br
Corsair AX 860i, 860W PSU
Creative Sound Blaster Z
2x Samsung SSD 840 PROSeries 128GB 2.5" OEM

Temps and PSU

If there's anything else you need to know to help me troubleshoot this issue, or that I forgot to mention, let me know.

Thank you for helping me out.
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  1. if u hace oc anything then reset them to their clock speed try with a different psu....
  2. prit87 said:
    if u hace oc anything then reset them to their clock speed try with a different psu....

    Everything runs on default, in other words no OC. Do you believe it could be the PSU?
  3. Best answer
    you have a good psu there but i think the psu may be the culprit the best way to solve this confusion is to check your pc with a different psu.....
  4. its about 7 inches in length get one with single fan for saving space...there are more options available like r7 250, r7 260x, gtx 650, gtx 650 ti, gtx 750, gtx 750ti etc..
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