Overall best Closed Loop 240mm cpu cooler

I know there probably isn't really a correct answer to this but I'm hearing all kinds of conflicting things. Most of which are outdated and don't include some of the newer ones.

What is the best Closed loop cpu cooler at the moment in terms of temperature drop?

This might be in the forum but I wasn't sure which one to stick this in and technique I am looking to OC so whatever.
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  1. if you are sticking with dual 120 rads I think the corsair H100i is the best out there right now.
  2. Personally, I'm liking the Corsair H105 which is somewhere between the H100i and the H110. It does not have the Corsair link, which in my opinion is a bonus as a LOT of people have had issues with the link wires/cabling and other issues. All three are good solutions though. If you are able to go to a 280mm then the Cooler master Nepton 280L has better performance marks.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys.

    Well. Since I'm buying a Air 540 Carbide, it will be difficult to fit a 280mm radiator on the top?
    If it's possible I'll do it.

    Any thoughts?
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    Great choice. That particular case will offer you many configuration options whether you decide to mount it outside or inside. Obviously mounting outside won't look as good without some additional modifications to the aesthetics, however even the right inside mount with the radiator being used in an exhaust configuration will work well on there. Many, many ways you can do things with that case.
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