power adapters that come with graphics card?

Do you always need the adapters that come with the card or does the power supply have the right connectors sometimes?

And for any one wondering the card I'm looking at is a 780ti superclocked acx cooler
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  1. Hey,

    if you mean the PCIe to Molex converter that looks similar to this then you don't necessarily need it. It is in the box with the graphics card only to give you the option to connect it to molex instead to PCIe cable in case you don't have one coming from your PSU. Most PSUs will have all the needed cables/connectors already.
  2. Ok so the card I was gonna buy was a rma replacement off ebay. So I shouldn't need anything that comes with the card right?
  3. Well,

    in theory you won't need anything else but the card itself. Just make sure the seller has good feedback as a seller and that he is going to pack the card well so it doesn't get damaged during transport.

    But again I am saying in theory as there are many contributing factors that can play you a bad joke.

    Make sure the PSU you have will provide sufficient power to the card.
    Make sure your motherboard has the necessary slot - whether it being PCIe, AGP or whatever it might be. It's hard to predict what can go wrong with so few details but if the card you are buying is similar to the one you currently got you shouldn't have to worry much.

    I don't want to confuse you further.
  4. Well the power supply I'm gonna get with it is a evga supernova 850w which appears to have all the right connections. And my motherboard is pcie the same as the card. I currently have a 7970 ghz in it.
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    Ah, it all sounds great then. You shouldn't have any issues :) Just hope the card is in full working order. Ask the guy if he accepts return or if the card has some warranty/guaranty in case something goes wrong.
  6. He has 100% feedback says card is new except for making sure it worked and comes with 3 year warranty for only 579 which is pretty good if ya ask me. Thanks alot for all of the help!
  7. Enjoy your new card!
  8. Thank you very much. I'm sure I will, havnt heard anything bad about it!!
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