p67 sabertooth or asrock z77 extreme 4

long story short my p67 sabertooth board died and while it was getting rma'd i bought a z77 extreme 4

now that i got the sabertooth back is it worth it to replace the asrock or is it negligible...

i run a 2500k 8 gb corsair vengeance 2x corsair ssd in raid 0 and 2 gtx 770 4gb with multi monitor
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  1. What have you got to gain?
    I only see you wasting an hour to wind up where you already are.

    Unless you can still return the z77 for a full refund, I wouldnt bother.
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    Yep, would keep the Ex 4, it OCs better, and handles DRAM better, Love mine (in sig), I'd put the P67 up for sale or simply keep, may come across a good deal on another CPU
  3. thanks guy! yah thats how i felt... either ebay or make a extra comp for giggles.
  4. Let us know how it goes
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