How to keep your mouse cord up?

I often get my mouse cord tangled/caught and have to tug a little to get it out. This has made me die more often in games than you would think. It's also made me annoyed with it. How do I keep the cord from getting caught on stuff?
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  1. Depends on your desk... A simple coat hanger bent to make a loop support would do it...
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    you wrap your wire around it and it holds it on your desk. there are other styles but this is the simplest.
  3. I was looking at something like that earlier! I'll check it out!

    EDIT: It gave me an idea to get a plastic pulley wheel and just put it on an axle-type thing. I may do that. Thanks for the input!
  4. bluetack


    But i like bgunner's suggestion, noidea something like that even existed.
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