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Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me with a problem I have. I bought my pc yesterday and when i booted it up today, it only recognized the ssd but not the hard drive. The build originally didn't have a hard drive but i decided to get one and got it installed by a professional in the store. However, it won't show up in the Hard drives section of the computer. I was wondering how I could fix that, thank you.
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  1. Check is the sata cable is connected to the motherboard and the power cable connected to the power supply. Thenn try this one. click start, right click on COMPUTER, select MANAGE, double click DISK MANAGEMENT.. you should see drive D which is your additional drive. right click and FORMAT the drive. hopefully this works!
  2. It shows it but it says Unallocated
  3. right click and select format.
  4. it says new simple volume should i click it and install the thing
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    Read WyomingKnott's sticky near the top of this forum, here:

    Pay particular attention to his Step 5. Do NOT just try to Format. I assume all your HDD is showing as Unallocated Space. The proper process will do two things for you: Create a Partition, and then Format that.
  6. Can i just assign a letter or do i have to mount the following empty NTFS folder?
  7. Nevermind! I could format it just fine and it now works perfectly thank you :)
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