X99 Thoughts and questions.

First of all, should I opt for the X99 or the X series 6-core?

I have an overclocked 4820k now, it's my little beast chip, and you can see my specs down in my prideful signature.

Now, I'm fully aware my rig is beastly on some other levels for gaming and it has zero problems maxing out games even in 1440p, that's not my issue and I'm not worried about it.

Money isn't an issue with me, it's not exactly raining cash on my end but I can save up $1,000 easy within a month and a half.

Should I keep what I have and hold out and keep saving for something greater or should I take DDR4 and the new processors by the balls the second I have the cash and go with it? Now, I fully realize the motherboards in question, processor and the minimum of 16GB's DDR4 I want is going to cost upwards of 2,000ish, maybe a little less or more, no idea. That's not an issue, I can have that saved by Christmas if not before easily. I'd really like to rig up my Alienware Aurora R4 with parts you can't even get for Dell and enjoy gaming, rendering and everything inbetween whenever I want and a quick and powerful as I want. But as I said, my setup is ALREADY beastly. Gah, I'm so indecisive here!

Should I go for all this stuff, load up my rig, I'm assuming my 875 Watt power supply would be enough, I also have a bomb liquid cooling system and several fans, to run all this. If not, a power supply isn't much, but I know for a fact my cooling is sufficient. I'm really already pushing myself to do this, but I want you guys to toss some opinions at me.

The BIGGEST thing I want here is the X99, that thing is SEXY, and I don't care to pay for it so much as it doesn't bust past $1,300ish and I see no idea why it would. And of course DDR4 RAM is coming with it. I figured if I got a new mobo, rigged it up with an X99 and DDR4 and jam in two GTX 880's (or would it be Wiser to keep my two Ti's and wait for the 880Ti?) on SLI and just have an ultimate powerhouse. But, I also figured I could hold out for longer and maybe benefit, BUT again money isn't an issue with me so I could probably buy that stuff too!

Sorry for rambling all over the place, and I know this is the CPU section and I mentioned RAM and GPU's but my primary tech lust here if FOR the X99..

What do you guys think I should do?
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    X99 will be out in a month. A month later prices will steady and all cpu's and mobos and ddr4 ram should be released.

    So you got 2 months to wait till you can compare prices and performance. I'd wait till then. Meanwhile, save your bikkies.
  2. To be honest, I might grab the X99 the second it drops. Does it support current mobo's (I have NO idea what mobo's come in the AW R4's, but I know they're pretty high grade as they retail on other sites for around $600, but I'm not sure of the models!) and DDR3? Like If I bought an X99 next month could I install it right away or would I have to wait/buy a new mobo?
  3. you dont really seem like you need an upgrade more than you want to just keep up with the Jones's O_O*. but it's your money, spend as you will. but really you dont seem to actually need more performance than you have currently.
  4. X99 is new mobos - LGA 2011-13. You need new cpu and ram to go with it. I'm happy hanging on to my X79 stuff for a while yet. I'll see what happens with specs and pricing.
  5. Sweet, I'm getting the upgrade fo'sho.
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