My Buffalo External Hard drive is not showing up on my PC, nor is disk management

I have had this Buffalo 2 TB of external storage, unplugged from my computer several months. The last time I used it everything seemed fine. Today I decided to upload more documents from my computer to free up space on my hard drive, I am stuck with a non functioning external hard drive. Tried changing USB ports / cable several times to no avail. I have so much important documents stored on it, shrugs!!! Who knew that these garnets whom we all thoroughly trusted with our data will stop working / crash. Whats the use they are making these devices. I am so furious please help. I have no idea what to install. I saw a previous posting indicating that my computer drivers need to be updated. I refuse to upload more trash on my computer with limited storage. Thanks
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  1. odds are this is a large drive, did you remember to plug in the external power adapter?
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    I had an exact same problem and tried everything I could think of; restarting my computer, unplugging all the cable from the ext. HD, etc. I almost gave up, then it dawned on me. UNPLUG USB CABLE FROM YOUR COMPUTER AS WELL! I did so, then I plugged the cable into a different USB port on my computer. Voila! It worked.

    I hope this tactic works for u!
  3. Hi there putin,

    Does it seem to power up at all? You could try connecting the drive to another PC, in order to see whether it is a driver related issue. Another thing you may want to check out is whether it is recognized by the BIOS.

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