Asus p9x79 deluxe USB 3.0 very slow

I have this problem with my usb 3.0 external drives. Their speeds are really slow. Im on the latest bios (just installed). Latest motherboard drivers also... What can i do? I have this since i bought this motherboard but never paid attention to it till now. Not only the speed is slow, but also in the front ports my external drives disconnect during file transfers and corrupts my data......

What can i do to fix this? I cant send it back i have no guarantee... thanx
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  1. Have you tried a different cable?
  2. ya cause at first i thought the disc was faulty, but then i realised all of my discs are slow on this pc. When i connect em elsewhere are great in terms of speed with no disconnections. So im thinking that it is something wrong with the motherboard.
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