I want to remove android from my pc

i some how replaced windows 7 with android x86 and i want to remove android which is my primary os
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    did you create a new partition for android or did you write over windows?

    If windows was formatted, you will need a windows CD or download/buy windows from microsoft and create a bootable USB. need to insert disk or usb when computer is off. Turn on, enter bios, make sure CD or USB is primary boot drive. Enter windows installation. Either create a new partition for windows (and keep android as secondary) or format android and install windows over it.
  2. You can uninstall Android x86 from PC or Laptop without formatting hard disk partitions or Windows OS. I followed this post given with video tutorial Yes, its easy to uninstall the Android and Get back windows without formatting your hard disk or Windows. You can see this post with video tutorial for SAFE UNINSTALLTION
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