Is it possible to configure a proxy server to send ACK packets?

I have a local machine with a TCP connection that goes through a proxy server to a web server. Is there a way to configure the proxy so that it sends ACK packets to the web server to acknowledge the packets the server sends, rather than my local machine sending the ACKs?
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    Some proxy will do that depending how the are caching things. This is actually a function that a wan accelerator does rather than a proxy. The risk you run is that the proxy told the server you got the packet but for some reason proxy can't successfully deliver the packet to your machine. This causes a massive issue in the communication stream. In most cases the session will be reset to resolve it and your machine will have to open a new one. I would go read about this concept on the sites that discuss wan accelerator design....most time you want wan accelerators software/hardware on both ends to really ensure things work well.
  2. Thanks for your answer. It's very informative. I did some reading today on web accelerators and found a couple of Linux software accelerators that I'm going to try. To my amazement, I even found a hardware accelerator on Ebay for less than $10 (CacheFlow CF110 Series 100 Web Accelerator).
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