Windows XP dual boot with Windows 7 installed first

I am trying to install windows XP on my new dell XPS with windows 7 pre-installed. I have done everything necessary to do this and when I install the XP cd and boot from it, the insatllation begins and the following error comes up after about a minute "acpi.sys file is corrupted." The installation is aborted at that point. Any help on addressing this specific error will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Scratched disk? I assume you read this to avoid the boot issue?
  2. 4745454b said:
    Scratched disk? I assume you read this to avoid the boot issue?

    Yes, I have read that, thanks. Unfortunately, I don't get anywhere near that step. The CD is brand new out of the pack.
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    If the disk is good then it's a power setting problem in the bios. I haven't seen the issue since the days of win98 so I'm not sure if it even applies anymore. Look for a suspend/S3 option in the bios and see if you can change it to something that works with XP AND Win7. Might want to write down what setting you are using first as it might stop Win7 from loading. Or at least it did back in the win98 days.
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