How to install Windows Server 2008 (dualboot) on a PC with Windows 8.1 already on it?

Hi, I bought a new PC with preinstalled Windows 8. Now I need to install Windows Server 2008. Anyone can advise me how to do it? It has to be in dual boot, in Virtual Machine the window is way too small
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  1. The window is way too small? That's easily fixed. Is that the only reason that you wan't to dual boot rather than running in a VM?
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but I think it's impossible to put Windows Server running in Virtual Machine in a full screen mode. Also it will probably run much faster in dual boot. Is it possible to do it without reinstalling Windows 8?
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    You are wrong. I don't know which VM software you are using, but there is no problem running it in full screen under VirtualBox or VMWare Player. it will run slightly faster natively, but not enough to worry about. Let's face it, ultimate speed is not normally a requirement with a server.

    If you are happy working with UEFI and GPT partitioned disks then you shouldn't have any problem doing a dual-boot install. But it's always a risk that one mistake will leave you with an unbootable system or even wipe your Windows 8 installation. I guess it all depends upon what you are going to use the server for; presumably you have a number of computers else why install server software? If you just want to learn about server software then a VM install would be best.
  4. I think you convinced me. I will give a try to VMware Player or VirtualBox. Thanks for your help
  5. VirtualBox runs easily in fullscreen mode.
    Host+F to go to toggle between full screen and windowed.
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