12ms, 4ms (GTG) What does this mean?

Hey guys i recently bought a new Benq EW 2440L Monitor and its response time is 12ms, 4ms GTG and i was just wondering what does this mean? i plan to use it mostly for gaming. Will i experience lag, screen tearing or ghosting?
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    That is how fast the pixels change. The slower the response time the more motion blur theres going to be. For gaming the lower the response time the better but anything under 8 should be fine. GTG is how they measure it. theres also black white black but the one you should pay attention to is GTG. Oh yeah, and different panels have different response times. TN panels have the lowest (some are 1ms GTG) but also the colors on those panels aren't as good. I like IPS panels the best because they have around 6-7 ms GTG usually and have nice colors/viewing angles.
  2. Thanks so much man i was worried that i messed up
  3. MrBombRips said:
    Thanks so much man i was worried that i messed up

    Np, happy to help.
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