Display higher resolutions on Samsung UHD TV with PC

I am trying to get my Graphics card to output 1600p(or 1440p) to my TV but there is no option in Catalyst Control Centre. The Highest available is 1080p even if I change down to 30hz.

My GPU is Sapphire 2GB 6950, and I think the maximum resolution is 1600p for this card.

The TV is Samsung 65HU8500.

They are currently connected via HDMI, could this be the problem?
The TV has HDMI 2.0 but the card doesn't.
I thought HDMI 1.x supported at least 1440p anyway, especially at lower refresh rates.

If it is because of the connection what's the solution?
My TV does not have DVI, but if I get a DVI to HDMI adapter will I be able to display in 1600p??
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    HDMI only has specific resolutions. You should see your HDTV manual.

    Plus, you should be using the HDTV settings such as "1080p_NTSC@60Hz" not the desktop resolution options because the HDMI protocol is not the same thing.

    I'm pretty sure you have the option of 1080p, and above that it is 2160p for graphics cards that support this.

    *I didn't look, but if you had a "PC INPUT" you could use that which then goes through an onboard scaler to work like a monitor so 2560x1440 options might be supported.

    2560x1600 isn't even a 16x9 ratio so you'd never choose that even if supported.

    **So 1080p is your best option for now. I also can't figure out why I can't get 60Hz out of my GTX680 since my HDTV supports it.
  2. Thank Photonboy.

    Yeh I had read the manual that came with it(23 pages) but didn't realise there was another massive one(195 pages) with basically everything in it.

    The TV does have PC input but unfortunately the supported resolution goes from 1920x1080 to 3840x2160 with nothing in between, then 4096x2160.
    That sucks, I thought for sure UHD TV would do the resolutions in between, I didn't realise it had to be specified. My old TV which is over 8 years old done every resolution I would normally see up to 1080p.

    Oh well, I recently returned a GPU under warranty, just waiting for Maxwell cards(880) to come out and I'm assuming they will do 2160p. Just a shame it doesn't do in between. Is this common for UHD TV or not sure?

    Also, for those above resolutions, including 1080p, there are 5 different refresh rates and the highest is 60hz, even though it's 120hz TV.

    I think I will look around and read some manuals to see if these issues are common or if I just got the wrong TV.

    I play a lot of PC games on my TV, sitting on the lounge with the 360 controller. I was really looking forward to playing some in higher resolutions and/or higher frame rates and I can't do either atm.
    I know both at the same time would be near impossible, especially with my current card, or even when I get the new card because I won't be able to do 1440p and FPS at 2160p won't be great.
    But I thought I'd have the option to have higher than 60fps at 1080p at the very least.

    Other: Yeh I wouldn't have used it as you say but was more just trying to get the maximum that my card supports, thinking the TV would support common resolutions below 2160p.

    Sorry to hear your TV doing the same thing, it is frustrating when you want to play games.

    Anyway cheers for the help, I'm loving that manual at least.
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